DHSA structure

DHSA management is composed of three layers. the first layer of management is:

  • General Assembly

     it is the annual gathering of the DHSA (Director General, Managing Director & Support Division Director), overall staff invited from the provincial offices in order to present their annual achievement, developments, challenges, recommendations, and future plans.

  • Advisory Board

    It assists Development & Humanitarian Services for Afghanistan in technical and social problems. This board will adopt positions and plans or policies in different situations and conditions. However, this board has only a consultative role and can make no decisions about the organization.

  • Board of Directors

    It has the highest authority of the organization to approve and check plans, strategies, and long term policies.

  • Executive Board

    The Executive Board of DHSA consists of authorities and experts in the main and field offices of DHSA; the Executive Board is responsible for the implementation of plans and programs approved by the board of directors. The Executive Board carries out its duties with the advice of the Advisory Board under the direct responsibility of the Director-General or his/her Deputy. The detail about the levels is available in the organization chart below.

List of Board members

NoName Position Email Address
1Shahir Ahmad Zahin Chairman[email protected]
2Dr Mohammad Arif Shah Jahan Member[email protected]
3Jolyon Leslie Member[email protected]
4Raz mohammad Dalili Member[email protected]
5Melek zimmer Zahine Member[email protected]
6Sayera Sharif Member[email protected]
7Abdulhamed Mobarez Member
8Ostad Habibullah Rafi Member
9Eng Shafiq Wardak Member[email protected]
10Dr Roshan Wardak Member

DHSA Organization

  • General Director
  • Managing Director
  • Support Division Director
  • Education
  • Humanitarian
  • Media
  • Culture Heritage
  • Environmental Protection
  • Admin/HR Dept
  • Logistics
  • Finance department
  • Field offices
  • Finance reporters