Vision and Mission


Pushing nation towards social change……


DHSA envisions a balanced, educated, environmentally protected, developed, and well aware (Socially, culturally, and Politically) Afghan society.


Is to redefine development in Afghanistan by promoting a dynamic and capable civil society as a means to foster local ownership for development, dignity, and a peaceful & sustainable future for all Afghans.


DHSA/TKG Focus Areas;

  • Promoting Education: Working towards both quantity and quality of education in Afghanistan
  • Using Public Media: Awareness about diverse social, cultural, and political issues
  • Protecting Environment: Advocating sustainable development, control use of natural resources and neat & clean environment for living beings
  • Preserving Cultural Heritage: Preserving knowledge of heritage for awareness and cultural heritage for tourism
  • Humanitarian Services: Helping people in emergencies


Diversity: Human beings, regardless of their color, language, religion, sex, race, and location, are connected with a common sense of being human

Cooperation: Well-coordinated cooperation between stakeholders is the essence of bringing change

Voluntarism: Voluntarism and self-help are the golden principles for any society who wants self-sustainability

Justice: Everyone should be treated equally by law and society

Transparency: We view transparency as both an internal and external phenomena

Accountability: An NGO should not only be accountable to the donor but to the marginalized as well as for whom it is working


  • Increasing literacy rate through adult literacy, community-based schooling, and education for children
  • Increasing awareness level of people in the fields of civic, political, social, cultural issues, rights and duties
  • Obtaining sustainable development, preservation of natural resources, and a healthy environment through the environmental protection
  • Increasing tourism and cultural awareness through preserving cultural heritage
  • Raising awareness of the community on the disaster in order to help affected people


  • To increase the number of non-profit schools by establishing them in different provinces
  • To develop partnerships with potential CSOs and donors to enhance our education program
  • To enhance the capacity of the Killid group (Media group of 11-radio stations and affiliated radios)
  • To increase the magnitude and diversity of awareness topics for the people
  • To raise awareness programs for the general public about environmental protection
  • To enhance our efforts along with other organizations for environmental protection through advocacy
  • To develop partnerships with other organizations and ministries to work for environmental protection
  • To rehabilitate historical sites To preserve community traditions through series of initiatives e.g. folk games, dances, customs, way of life, stories, myths, and handicrafts by realizing audio/video documentaries, writing books, organizing exhibitions, and making linkages
  • To raise public awareness on disaster preparedness through proper utilization of available resources
  • To facilitate urgent relief in emergencies