Vision and Mission


We envision an Afghanistan where Afghans have the resources to care for their basic needs, so that our focus can shift toward what makes Afghans and Afghanistan thrive and prosper.


Our mission is to champion an Afghan-led development process through educating, empowering, and enabling the Afghan people.

Our focus areas power our strategic approach to realizing our vision: 

  • Education: Education plays a crucial role in our vision for Afghanistan. Being informed is the first step to feeling empowered to take an active role in bringing positive change. 

  • Culture: We view the preservation and revitalization of Afghan cultural heritage as critical to preserving Afghan identity and transferring knowledge and skills from generation to generation. 

  • Humanitarian Services: The guiding principle in our humanitarian work is to support and equip our people with the tools and skills they need to get back on their feet. 

  • Rural Development: For us, rural development is first and foremost about connecting Afghan people with each other and to essential resources, such as schools, hospitals, and the marketplace. 

  • Media: We view the media as a tool to promote education, awareness-raising, public service programming, and cultural appreciation.

  • Environmental Protection: We have added this strategic area to our work moving forward to help Afghanistan become more climate resilient in the face of increasing natural disasters.