DHSA : is home to some of Afghanistan’s most innovative & diverse development projects such as the TKG public media & communication initiative, the first Kabul International Music Festival, Kabul Rock Radio, an accelerated learning & teacher training project, a “Call for Transitional Justice,” rehabilitation of historic sites such as the 19th century pavilion at Bagh e Babur Gardens in Kabul, a “media is development conference” and various public communication campaigns to protect the environment, the most recent of which has lead to ... Read More

Public Media : DHSA’s public media wing is made of eight local radio stations “Killid Radio” and two nation-wide magazines “Killid” and “Mursal”, was established in 2002. Today it reaches 34 provinces. The editorial policy is based on Afghan ownership of Afghan process. Our core principle is that Afghans have the right to be informed and be heard. In order to achieve good governance ... Read More

Education : DHSA see education as a powerful tool for social change. It contributes, among other factors, to bring long term and permanent social change. DHSA intends to use this master tool to enlighten the future of the nation. DHSA is working in the field of education from last 22 years. It is working both on self help basis and trough partnerships. DHSA is running not for profit schools ... Read More

Cultural Heritage : Afghanistan is home of a number of ancient religions, languages, books, civilizations and rule of a number of kingdoms. The mission of DHSA is to preserve cultural heritage both tangible and intangible. Along with discovering and studying ancient Afghanistan, preserving cultural diversity of Afghanistan is also among DHSA’s area of work. Our objectives are rehabilitation ... Read More

Environmental protection : DHSA envision the development of Afghanistan but not on the cost of environment. The goal of DHSA is; obtaining sustainable development, control use of natural resources and healthy environment through environmental protection. Environment in Afghanistan is in critical situation. DHSA is fighting on more than one front to ... Read More

Humanitarian Services : Due to the harsh weather, fragile peace and complex geography, Humanitarian services have become a priority in Afghanistan. DHSA has always strived to help Internally Displaced Persons and Returnees in both natural and manmade crises. DHSA is working in five broad areas; Awareness, Prevention of Disasters, Provision of basic needs, Livelihood and ... Read More

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