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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi (1869-1948)

Due to the harsh weather, fragile peace, and complex geography, Humanitarian services have become a priority in Afghanistan.

DHSA has always strived to help Internally Displaced Persons and Returnees in both natural and manmade crises. DHSA is working in five broad areas which include awareness programs, shelter, water sanitation and hygiene, nutrition, and food security. Linking with other sources to reduce disaster risks through awareness programs.

Since 2001, DHSA/TKG has implemented more than 94-projects for the provision of NFIs, FIs and other basic needs of IDPs and Returnees, i.e. DHSA has constructed 8,128 shelters in North and North East. DHSA entered to core partnership with UNHCR since (2006) in the north and northeast for the distribution of winterization package for IDPs and Returnees. A large number of 17,809 families have been assisted till December 2014. The number of projects on capacity building, vocational training, and cash for work reached more than 6 projects. DHSA has also implemented more than 38-projects of infrastructure development in different parts of the country.

DHSA publishes and broadcasts the issues of humanitarian crises whenever happens through its public media. Due to our wide audience, most of the time, we are able to catch the attention of concerned people. This has always helped us in initializing aid for the affected people. DHSA has implemented more than 72 humanitarian services projects since 2001. These projects were funded by different donors i.e. UNHCR, Canada Fund, UNOCHA, NOVEB, WFP, DFID, IOM, ECHO, IRC, and many others.

Construction of Shelters

Construction of Shelters is part of the assistance strategy of UNHCR to assist Returnees and IDPs, especially conflict-induced IDPs in the North and North East of Afghanistan. Along with UNHCR, the International Organization for Migration-IOM and IRC have also funded some of the projects to DSHA. At the same time, DHSA has constructed 8128 shelters in north and north east of Afghanistan since 2001.

Distribution of Winterization Package

The north and northeast of Afghanistan are among the coldest regions of Afghanistan. DHSA has implemented several projects with the technical and financial support of UNHCR from 2009 with the distribution of winterization package in the North and North East of the country. DHSA has assisted 22742 families since 2009. Life for IDPs and Returnees especially living in tents became very hard in the freezing temperature during cold months of winter. This mechanism enables IDPs and Returnees to survive during the months of winter.

Capacity Building and Livelihood

A population cannot live on aid forever. In the long term, aid makes them dependent and snatching their creative abilities and self-belief. DHSA is working for the empowerment of the IDPs and Returnees. These efforts include Capacity Building in different skills, opportunities of cash for work, and equipping them with livelihood opportunities. DHSA has implemented more than 16- projects in the area of capacity building and livelihood.

Brief Highlights…

  • DHSA has constructed 7538 shelters via DHSA and funded by UNHCR,
  • DHSA has constructed 412 shelters via DHSA and funded by IRC,
  • DHSA has constructed 178 shelters via DHSA and funded by IOM,
  • DHSA has distributed 17809 families’ winterization kits via DHSA and funded by UNHCR,
  • DHSA has distributed 4933 families’ winterization kits via DHSA and funded by WFP,