Community Development

#ProjectPlaceStart EndDonor
1 E.V.IBalkh Province 1/8/200712/31/2007 UNHCR
2EVI and General survey Jawzjan1/8/2007 12/31/2007 UNHCR
3Building Public Pressure for Action on Human Right Kabul6/1/2007 7/31/2008 OSI/IDRC
4Public and Police Participation in Securing Community Mazar -e-Sharif 2/1/2010 6/30/2010 GTZ
5Advocacy on Elimination of Gender-based Violence All over Afghanistan 2/1/2011 8/31/2011 CAII/ASGP
6Women Role in Civic Society Kabul, Heart, Mazar, Kandahar 1/Oct/12 30/Sep/13 US Embassy
7Young Engagement in the Future of Afghanistan Kabul, Heart, Mazar, Kandahar1/Oct/12 30/Sep/13 US Embassy
8National Solidarity Program (NSP) Khuram & Sarbagh District of 8/15/2003 8/15/2004 MRRD / Actio
9Income Generation Project Almar and Khowaja Subz Pos 1/6/2006 11/30/2006 UNHCR
10Cash for work Fayab and Balkh 10/15/2006 12/31/2006 UNHCR
11Alternative Livelihoods Program for Northeast Afghanistan (ALP/N) Badakhshan 5/1/2007 1/31/2008 PADCO
12Extreme Vulnerability and Social Protection Kabul/Hirat/Qandahar/Maza 1/1/2011 12/31/2012 EC