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“Economic growth and environmental protection are not at odds. They are opposite sides of the same coin if you are looking at longer-term prosperity.”
Henry Paulson

DHSA envisions a balanced, educated, environmentally protected, developed, and well aware (socially, culturally, and politically) Afghan society.

The environment in Afghanistan is in a critical situation. DHSA is fighting on more than one front to preserve the environment. DHSA has been launching a Media campaign for environmental protection since 2009, at the beginning of each year 40-day tree plantation campaign starts during the spring season. DHSA/TKG regularly publishing and broadcasting stuff about the environment in its nationwide weeklies (Killid and Mursal) and through TKG radios and websites.

For the provision of safe drinking water and preserving underground water, DHSA/TKG has constructed large water reservoirs and water wells in the North of Afghanistan. Its efforts ended the illegal drugging of the Kabul River. DHSA/TKG is part of Advocacy campaigns as its biggest concern was the escalating interest of Government and Private Sector in the Extractive Industry. This is a potential danger for the environment and sustainable development in the upcoming years.

DHSA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with National Environmental Protection Agency. Meanwhile, DHSA is in communication with the United Nation Environment Program. Moreover, DHSA is striving to bring environmental protection agencies and organizations for a collaborative effort to protect the environment. DHSA/TKG intends to enhance public knowledge of environmental threats that are affecting the communities and the environment.

A number of factors occurred in the last three decades, have contributed to the worsening situation. The major problems Afghanistan is facing today are; soil degradation, pollution (all types), deforestation, overgrazing, desertification, endangered species, and droughts.


Media Campaign

Media Campaign has been launched in 2009. The main purpose of these campaigns was enhancing public knowledge on environmental issues, awaking public about environmental hazards, and bringing case studies to the front, catching the attention of concerned authorities. TKG Radios have regular programs on Environment every Wednesday, broadcast spots about Environment every day. Our nationwide weekly (Killid) regularly publishes Interviews, Analysis, Insights, and Investigative Reports. Slogans and short messages about Environment are also published regularly. Our weekly Feminist magazine (Mursal) publishes topics about the environment on a random basis.


Efforts on Ground

For preserving underground water, our efforts meet success when we drew the attention of Kabul municipality towards illegal drugging of Kabul River so the drugging stopped immediately. In the same way, DHSA had been able to construct large water reservoirs and water wells in Sare Pul, Faryab, and Balkh provinces for the population to have access to safe water. DHSA has worked for the relocation of Poultry farms, animal slaughterhouses, and brick ovens to suburbs in large cities of Afghanistan. DHSA organized a bicycle race to encourage people to adopt environment friendly in Hirat.



DHSA’s biggest concern is the escalating interest of the Government, Private Sector, and the general community in the Extractive industry in Afghanistan. A well-managed industry can boost economic growth, if managed wrongly it can be a potential cause for the devastation of the environment, a hindrance for sustainable development, and a factor of conflict. DHSA is a member of the advocacy group civil Societies” Natural Resources Monitoring Network-NRMN”. TKG is doing advocacy for preserving the environment from the negative effects of mining, responsible mining, sustainable development.